Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  May I visit your co-op?

A:  Because we are guests of the church, we do not allow visitors. We do give a brief tour of the facility during our selection interview.

Q:  Do you charge tuition?

A:  There is an annual registration fee of $80 per family.  
Because we are a learning cooperative, we do not charge tuition.  Each parent must lead teach one class and is responsible for purchasing the teaching materials/texts for preparing for their class.  Each student must purchase texts for the classes in which they are registered.  Classes also have fees ranging from a few dollars to cover copy expenses, up to thirty dollars for science classes with lab materials. We do ask that teachers keep expenses as low as possible.

Q:  Do the teachers get paid?

A:  No.  We are all volunteers and no one gets paid for teaching.  Your only cost will be books,  teaching supplies, and a registration fee which pays for the TLC  supplies (dry-erase markers, erasers, coffee, tea) and a love offering to the church for the use of their facilities.

Q:  Does my family have to stay for all five periods?

A:  Yes. it is required.

Q:  I expected to get a phone call!  How am I supposed to get  information?

A:  We are 100% electronic, no phone calls.   Every family must have e-mail access and check it regularly.  If you are waiting for information from us after interviewing, please make sure to add to your address book so our emails will have a better chance of going to your inbox instead of your spam folder.

Q:  Can I just send my  kids in with someone else?

A:  No.  One parent from each family must participate and be on-site while their children are enrolled. One parent must also lead-teach a class.

Q:  Do I have to teach something?

A:  Yes.  We  have teaching positions from Pre-K through 12th grade.  However, our priority is to fill teaching positions for high school classes first.

Q:  Do we have to teach classes that our own kids are in?

A:  No, we prefer you teach what comes more naturally to you.  Your kids will be just fine with other teachers.

Q:  How long is the commitment?

A:  Each family must commit to both fall and spring semesters of one school year.  

Q:  Can we leave for lunch?

A:  No, not even to go to a drive-thru.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the fellowship!

Q:  I’m interested in TLC. What are the next steps?

A:  The first step is to fill out an application form during our application period (typically opens February 1st.) The organizational committee will review applications and invite prospective members who best fit the needs of the co-op to interview with the committee. Placement is based largely on our teaching needs, so please make sure to list all subject areas you might be willing to teach on your application.  Our needs and openings vary each year.  If you are not willing to lead-teach a class, Teen Learning Center is not a good fit for your family as we are a true cooperative with each family committing to the teaching process and the day-to-day activities of the co-op.