Teen Learning Center has been operating for over 20 years. Teen Learning Center was launched on September 9, 1996 and met at Forest Hill on Park Rd. Teen Learning Center has met at a couple of Churches and is very grateful for each of them for opening their doors for our use
We are made up of 35-45 families.  
Good Shepherd Church has  graciously opened their building to us for the 2019/20 school year, allowing us to have access to their wonderful classrooms and facilities . Their address is 13110 Moss Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273           
Click on link to map here:  Good Shepherd Church - Google Maps

TLC is organized and run by a small group of volunteer parents.  They prayerfully plan and organize the TLC school year.


The Teen Learning Center is a cooperative which presents opportunities for parents and their teens in grades 7th –12th to be involved in one or more unique and exciting classes designed to supplement, aid, or enrich the  home school experience.  We offer quality supplemental/ enrichment classes for grades K-6th.  The TLC experience will also aid students in making the transition from the home school climate toward a more structured, traditional classroom (i.e. college).  The organizational committee has spent uncounted hours praying for TLC and planning this schedule each semester.  We hope that the teens profit academically and spiritually from this variety of learning opportunities. Class size will be kept small to ensure individual attention.

All classes will be taught from a literal Biblical creationist point of view, centered around Jesus Christ as Savior.